Nick Papadakis #9 - '71 Atlanta Chiefs

Papadakis Soccer Jersey Collection

Soccer Kick in Atlanta -1979.  Jerseys hanging on the wall

Soccer Kick in Atlanta - 1979.  Jerseys on the wall

Neill Roberts, Jomo Sono, and Victor Nogueira signing autographs in Atlanta Soccer Kick in 1979 

Derek Trevis entertaining and coaching students at my Dad's soccer camp in 1976

Some pics and video of my father and my uncle in action during their NASL days:

Nick Papadakis #9 - '75 Tampa Bay Rowdies Indoor

Alec Papadakis #12 - '72 Atlanta Chiefs

Hello and welcome to my site!  My name is Evan Papadakis.  I am the son and nephew of former North American Soccer League players and a part-time soccer jersey collector.   I created this site as a way to share my collection of soccer jerseys with other soccer fans and to pay a small tribute to all the great soccer players who wore these jerseys or played in jerseys like these. 


The majority of the jerseys on this site were given to my father directly by the players. Many were then displayed in my Dad's soccer stores that he owned at the time as a way to help promote both the players and the leagues while also providing his customers a unique and authentic soccer shopping experience.  Special thanks to my Dad for collecting and keeping these jerseys over the years and to everyone else who has contributed to this collection. 

Thanks and enjoy!

Nick Papadakis #9 - '68 Atlanta Chiefs

Nick Papadakis #9, Alec Papadakis #12 - '71 Atlanta Chiefs

Some pics of my father's old soccer store, Soccer Kick, and soccer camp, with my uncle and other NASL players:

Farrukh Quraishi giving coaching instruction at my Dad's soccer camp in 1976

My Dad (Nick - center) and my uncle (Alec - right of my Dad) with friends in front of Soccer Kick in Tampa -1979

Nick Papadakis #9 - '71 Atlanta Chiefs